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GEKO Bruko Worm

Geko Lures
• Lenght: 4.5” (Bruko) - 5.5” (Big Bruko).
• The most versatile soft stick bait in the world.
• Silhouette and rings with different sizes
• Balanceable with any bait
• Two sizes for every fishing situation
• Compound selected to balance strength and softness
• Presence of salt in grains in the compound.
• Scent selected to retain fish longer
• Perfect use on cover
• Hole in the top (skinny Side) to guide the centering of the hook
Concept and Design
The Bruko and Big Bruko are stick baits with different size rings which has a silhouette that resembles a caterpillar that shows a bulge on the end to increase movement during retrieval. The Bruko can be used in a traditional Texas Rig, with a jerking motion, or weightless, to accommodate any fishing style. The hook is positioned in the narrow part where a small hole guides insertion. The hole is located in the center so as to allow the right balance for retrieving the Bruko. The Bruko is designed with a proprietary combination of softness and durability to allow you to catch more fish per lure. These features are beneficial when fishing heavy cover. This also allows the Bruko to have the perfect combination of versatility and durability. When using the Bruko on a wacky rig, the movement is so realistic it will attract any predator in the area. The Bruko has salt and scents in its proprietary blend maximizing its attraction and the predator's desire to hold on to the bait longer than any competitor. The Bruko is available in many colors for all types of waters.

Baby Bass
Black Silver
Blood Ice
Chartreuse Silver
Deep Junebug
Green Pumpkin
Green Pumpkin Chartreuse
Laminate Green Pumpkin
Red Gold
Smoke Red
Watermelon Dark Red
White Ice
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