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Seaspin Pro Q 145

Seaspin Lures
• Walking the dog action,
• ABS Body – Length: 5.7” – Weight: 1 3/4 oz
• Inner armor and reinforced treble hooks, super sharp saltwater resistant, 3X , n°2 #1/0.
• Good for many marine predators. Allows long casting and very easy to use.
• The ultimate solution with difficult wind and sea condition.
Pro-q. 145 has characteristics that make it unique and irreplaceable. First of all the cast which, with its 46 grams of weight, is very long even with a severe headwind. Its typical “little boat” shape which, combined with high weight and back balance allow to remain easily in fishing with rough sea in extreme conditions. The ability to switch between a fast retrieve, almost like a skipping lure, to a much wider and slow swimming that recalls the mullets in a quiet situation. The Pro-Q.145 is devoted entirely to salt water or to large Amazonian peacock. Its Mediterranean fish target are mainly bluefish, leers and barracuda, and all fishe that attack large surface lures. It can be used in any situation, from the typical summer port fishing (leer and bluefish), to riff and beaches ones with heavy sea in all seasons.
Seaspin Pro Q 145 Large Saltwater Fishing Lure
Seaspin Pro Q 145 Color Chart
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