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Seaspin Pro Q 120

Seaspin Lures
• Walking the dog action.
• ABS Body – Length: 4.7” – Weight: 1 oz
• Inner armor and reinforced treble hooks, super sharp saltwater resistant, 3X , n°2 #2
• Good for many marine predators. A classic that never lets anyone down.
• Allows long casting and it is very easy to use.
The ProQ 120 is very easy to use, makes fast and tight curves if retrieved normally responding very promptly to angler’s requests, while creates very wide curves when retrieved slowly. In addition to lateral movement is also characterized by a particular and very exciting high-low movement against predators. This last movement can be encouraged or canceled by angler’s action and it is an extra weapon that differs Pro-Q. from the other models of wtd in commerce. Careful weight distribution and specially profile designed, can provide a very long cast, unusual for this type of lure. Low frequency rattling is produced by the inner spheres partially free to move. Also in this model there is the inner armor passer-by and reinforced treble hooks. Suitable for all predators that attack on surface as sea bass, bluefish, barracuda, leers, dolphin fish.
Seaspin Pro Q 120 Color Chart
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