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Seaspin Mommotti 140 SS

Seaspin Lures
• Long jerk minnow sinking
• ABS Body – Length: 5.5” – Weight: 4/7 oz. Depth range: 3-7’.
• Inner armor and SW reinforced treble hooks
Moving inner weights for long casting
• Sinuous and irresistible swimming with flash and maximum jerk control
• Captivating for a large number of marine predators
Mommotti 140 SS is the medium size jerk of the Mommotti series. A basic lure for the Salt Water angler. Designed with a weight-volume relationship that would guarantee a long cast and at the same time a refined lightness in swimming, both in linear retrieve and jerking action. This makes the Mommotti 140 very stable even in presence of currents and fatal even for apathetic predators. The choice of the inner armor forced us to a particular design effort in the distribution of internal tungsten weights with a constant attention to the perfection of the swimming action. Suitable for all predators such as sea bass, bluefish, barracuda, leer fish, dolphin fish, amberjack, sea bream, snapper, snook, drum, and tuna species. The research led to create a slight ventral bend giving the lure extra instability in swimming and which proved to be particularly tempting to predators. The slight curvature in its ventral part creates a unique and more disordered swimming extremely capturing in particular during jerking action.
Mommotti 140 SS Artificial Mid Size Lure
Mommotti 140 SS Fishing Lure Mid Size Color Chart
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