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Seaspin Mini Ketc

Seaspin Lures
• Skipping lure sinking.
• ABS Body - Length: 3.9”– Weight: 1 1/5 oz.
• Inner armor and Gàmu SW round hooks, super sharp saltwater resistant
• To be skipped quickly on the surface with a quick retrieve
• Very useful also as teaser in order to recall and excite the predators
Mini Ketc Spoon Artificial Fishing Lure
Miniketc is a skipping lures directed to the most aggressive predators that hunt on the surface. Recommended mainly from spring to autumn they can be casted very far in every weather condition thanks to the high specific weight and can be retrieved easily making them jumping on the water. Miniketc has the great advantage that can be used with 1 oz rods and light equipment. It is armed with a split ring-swivel-split ring system, with the function of a solid assist hook, and with a single with natural hair and bright artificial threads dressed hook. Very useful also as teaser in order to recall and excite the predators. The split ring - swivel - split ring system, can be replaced by a single split ring if a more disordered swimming is needed.
Mini Ketc Spoon Color Chart
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