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Seaspin Janas 70

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Immediate availability
11.99 $(VAT excl.)
Immediate availability
11.99 $(VAT excl.)
• Pencil bait lipless, sinking.
• ABS Body – Length: 2 3/4” – Weight: 5/16 oz. Depth range: Surface to 3’.
• Inner armor and SW treble hooks, super sharp saltwater resistant.
• Sub walking action
• Excellent in fresh water on trout, chub and perch
Concept and Design
Janas is a sinking lipless pencil bait. Thanks to its technical characteristics it can be cast very far. Janas in Sardinian means fairy, because with its sub walking action, it seems to dance in the water when alternating a regular retrieves, in which the lure performs a slalom action in long pauses rolling and emitting large flares when falling freely in the deep or current. Good for any predator and particularly recommended in saltwater in feeding frenzies of small size bonitos and dolphin fish. For fresh water it is very good with trout, perch, asp, chub. The standard equipment consists of two treble hooks but it can also be used with single hooks.

Janas 70 River artificial bait Lure
Janas 70 Color Chart by Seaspin
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