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Seaspin Coixedda 130

Seaspin Lures
• Darter minnow, sinking. Designed especially for shallow water
• ABS Body – Length: 5.0” – Weight: 9/10 oz. Depth range: 1-6’
• Moving inner weights for long casting.
• Inner armor and SW round hooks; super sharp saltwater resistant
• Searching bait to explore an extensive area
Concept and Design
Coixedda 130 is the big brother of the Coixedda 100. It is a compact shallow minnow that is designed to sink. It has an irresistible swimming motion with a sinuous wag even at low speeds, and the ability to withstand the current and waves even with very little sinking. These features, combined with a long cast in often poor conditions, make it perfect to fish in shallow waters searching seabass, snook, redfish, trout, or for all situations where a realistic minnow that swims just below the surface is needed. It is a searching bait to explore extensive areas of water. In order to support the swimming in shallow waters, without risking a snag on rocks, Coixedda is commercialized with n°2 saltwater round single hooks with the eyelet
aligned with the point, especially design for hard bait, but it can be also safely used with 2x treble hooks, # 2.

Coixedda 130 Diving Fishing Lure
Coixedda 130 Fishing Lure Color Chart
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