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Seaspin Buginu 140

Seaspin Lures
• Minnow, sinking.
• ABS Body – Length: 5.5” – Weight: 1 oz. Depth range: 3-9 Feet
• Moving inner weights for long casting
• Inner armor reinforced round hooks for fresh and salt water
• Suitable for all marine predators
Buginu 140 Seaspin Fishing Lure
Concept and Design
The Buginu is characterized by an innovative fan shape lip and an atypical aesthetic that gives it a unique performance
and identifies it as one of the most futuristic and innovative lures ever created. A specific characteristic of this lure is the lip which is designed to allow a retrieve of the lure which has a shallow or deep action that normally anglers can not change. The lure produces sharp and fast vibrations while swimming and its movement is composed by a  large wag and is marked by the color
contrasts between the back and the sides of the body. The Buginu 140 has excellent casting performance and resistance
to the current. It has an inner armor, reinforced lip and hooks, suitable for all predators, starting with seabass, bluefish, barracuda, snapper. This is a Seaspin Patented Product.

Buginu 140 Fishing Lure Color Chart
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