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Seaspin Buginu 105

Seaspin Lures
• Jointed Sinking Minnow
• ABS Body – Length: 4.1” – Weight: 3/7 oz. Depth range: 3-6 feet.
• Moving inner weights for long casting
• Reinforced Treble Hoos for Salt or Fresh Water
• Natural action

Concept and Design
The 2 main factors that make the Buginu 105 special, are the type of joint and the fan-shaped lip. The reduction of the third joint has a twofold purpose: to mimick a more natural swimming motion, (not snake, which is typical of “swim baits”) and minimize friction with the air during casting. The Buginu 105 does not have the characteristic defect of other jointed competators which allows the Bugino 105 to have a much longer cast. The fan-shaped lip, which characterizes the Buginu series probably gives its best in the series “Bìu” (in Sardinian language means “alive”), because it guarantees a natural and extremely tight movement with a very reduced roll. The lip in  is intentionally undersized to accentuate the naturalness of swimming and to allow broader customization. Although this type of lure is mainly used in Europe for seabass, the Buginu 105 Bìu can be used with great success in fresh water. This is a Pantented Product.

Buginu 105 Fishing Lure Color Chart
Buginu 105 Segmented Jointed Minnow
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