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GEKO Bikoa Worm

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5.99 $(VAT excl.)
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5.99 $(VAT excl.)
Concept and Design
• Dynamic and Targeted Vibrations
Bikoa is a ring lure, designed to attract predators with high frequency vibrations emitted by the two rear tails. It can be modified by cutting one of the two tails at its base, with the aim to decrease the vibration emitted. Even with a single tail, Bikoa will be perfectly aligned during the stages of retrieval. The development of the body ring changes the axis to allow a perfect trim even in very rapid recoveries. Bikoa is infused with the scent of shrimp to lengthen the period of retention of the bait in the mouth of the fish. A versatile bait for use with multiple triggers, it can be used with Texas rig, drop shot, split shot, Neko rig, jig head or as a trailer for spinner baits. Measures 5“, is available in 10 selected colors.
GEKO Bikoa Worms split tail worm Color Chart
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