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Team Geko's Bethany Fisherwomanlife

About Us
Bethany is born and raised in small farm towns of Central Cali. She has fished all my life but dove headfirst into my fishing obsession a couple years back.  Water calls  her name on a daily basis. If she have the choice between fishing or pretty much anything else,  you might guess her choice will always be fishing. She love to chase largemouth bass, though she is fond for fishing for any and everything.  Her favorite way to fish is from her kayak. You can find Bethany on TikTok @fisherwomanlife, Facebook @Pebbles5102, and Instagram @fisherwomanlife. Be sure to follow all of Bethany's social media for her exclusive offers and discounts.
Fisherwoman Life catches a catfish
Fisherwoman Life Bethany catches a gar
Fisherwoman Life and a shark
Fisherwoman Life Gar
Fisherwoman Life Bass
Fisherwoman Life Releases Bass
Fisherwoman Life Largemouth
Fisherwoman Life small bass
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