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Team Geko's Dan The Faymous Fisherman

About Us
Known on social medial as Faymous_Fisherman, Dan is one of the founders of Gear for the Greatest and the original member of Team Geko. He enjoys freshwater largemouth bass fishing and competes in local and regional tournaments. Dan volunteers with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Fish and Wildlife. He fishes local and regional tournaments for the BASS nation. You can find Dan live on TikTok fishing 3 to 4 times a week. You can Find Dan on TikTok @Faymous_Fisherman, Instagram @Faymous-Fisherman, and YouTube @Faymous Fisherman. Be sure to follow all of Dan's social media for his exclusive offers and discounts.
Faymous Fisherman with the Toto 113
Faymous Fisherman Junebug ribbon tail
Faymous catching bass with the Geko Crush
Faymous Fisherman ribbon tail
Faymous Fisherman Snook
Faymous and the Smoke Shad Big Bruko
Faymous Fisherman Bass Tournament
Faymous Fisherman Night Bass
Faymous Fisherman
Faymous Fisherman Big Bass
Faymous Fisherman and the Stria
Faymous Fisherman and the Big Bruko
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